Garden roses

Since ancient times, the rose is considered the emblem of love and the standard of beauty. It is called the queen of flowers and rightly so. The huge variety of garden roses that currently exists is entirely due to the long and assiduous work of breeders who, by crossing, achieved

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How to maintain petunias

Petunia does not tolerate prolonged drought. If its leaves are sagging, and the flowers look like wet rags, you should urgently water the plant. How often should petunias be watered? If you do not water it in time, the beauty of the flower will not recover. The leaves become yellow,

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hibiscus plant

The main information about hibiscus

Hibiscus is an extensive species of family Malvaceae. According to the different sources, hibiscus includes from 150 to 300 species. It is a wildling or a cultivated plant with beautiful flowers. Hibiscus represents the evergreen or deciduous plants, trees, bushes or grassy plants, downy or naked. The leaves are alternate

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best plants for shade

Flowers, which like shade

What flowers to plant in a shadow? Our gardens gradually expand and more and more shady and semi-shady places appears in them. In a word, you should use shade in the benefit. Especially as in the summer we spend in a shadow much time, hiding from the hot sun in

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azalea flower

Azalea care

Azalea is a name of the whole group of flowering plant species. It belongs to the class Rhododendron and family Ericaceae. Earlier, these species were divided into a separate species- Azalea. Azalea, or Rhododendron (in translation from Greek- “rose-wood”) is considered one of the most beautiful house plants. They are

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butterfly plants and flowers

Light garden with undemanding plants.

“Light Garden” was originally conceived so as not to create unnecessary trouble to care for, do not require high maintenance costs. Such practical garden saves time, money and labor of gardener. In practical, easy for care garden grow local or well-adapted to the area plants and flowers are unpretentious. Unpretentiousness

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tall flowering plants

How to choose flowers for the garden

If you want to have garden, what will always please you with beautiful flowers, you need to correctly pick flowers with different flowering periods. Garden flowers are indispensable attribute of every garden or suburban area, the owners of which are not indifferent to the beauty and want to create their

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