Light garden with undemanding plants.

“Light Garden” was originally conceived so as not to create unnecessary trouble to care for, do not require high maintenance costs. Such practical garden saves time, money and labor of gardener.

In practical, easy for care garden grow local or well-adapted to the area plants and flowers are unpretentious. Unpretentiousness of plants is primarily determined by its resistance to drought and cold tolerance sufficient to your area. Such plants do not require watering, even in the hot summer and they don’t need consuming construction of special shelters for winter time.

To undemanding plants we can include trees and shrubs, as well as hardy perennials. If plant them at once in the right place with good margin of territory, they will grow there year after year, delighting the gardener and requiring almost no care. Especially evergreen (like holly, mahonia) and coniferous shrubs and trees, which are beautiful and practical all year round, as well as ornamental grasses, will look good.

To the category of practical and unpretentious plants we can add also local aromatic and medicinal plants, naturalized bulbs plants and flowers (daffodils, crocuses, snowdrops, cyclamen cold-resistant, scilla, colchicum, grouse and others, depending on your area). For naturalizing these plants in your garden, just put the bulbs in the suitable place and leave them alone. And plants in your garden will live their usual seasonal life.

plants and flowers that grow in winter
plants and flowers that grow in winter

Selecting among fast-growing or, conversely, slow-growing perennial plants and flowers depends on whether you want – natural lush greenery or, on the contrary, consistency and order. The same applies to annuals and biennials, what multiply by self-seeding.

It will be perfect to pick for easy care garden plants, that look good not one, but two or three seasons in a year (ideally – whole year).