The main information about hibiscus

Hibiscus is an extensive species of family Malvaceae. According to the different sources, hibiscus includes from 150 to 300 species. It is a wildling or a cultivated plant with beautiful flowers.

Hibiscus represents the evergreen or deciduous plants, trees, bushes or grassy plants, downy or naked. The leaves are alternate and have petioles. The flowers of the most species are large, refined, with brightly colored crown. They are located in the upper part of sucker and have different coloring. There are 3 or more leaves under the bell.

The color spectrum of hibiscus has thousands of colors and their combinations. It includes all the colorings except blue and black. Some species have flowers in size of 5 cm, while the other ones- up to 30 cm. The fruit of hibiscus in the form of box, coming apart into 5 leaves, contains a lot of seeds, covered with bloom or fiber, or smooth.

red hibiscus plant
red hibiscus plant

The hibiscus bush lives 20 or more years, lends itself to the forming. In the end of the winter the stems must be cut to increase the branchiness.

Under favorable conditions the mature plant reaches up to 3 m in height.
Hibiscus is widespread in the Old and New World, subtropics and tropics (Indonesia, South China, islands Haiti, Fidji, Sumatra, Java, Sri Lanka). The gardeners cultivate them in the continental climate.

red hibiscus flower
red hibiscus flower

The most common species of hibiscus and their peculiarities

The most common species is Hibiscus moscheutos. It has large flowers (up to 12 cm in width), pink-purple or carmine spots at the root of the crown.
Many species of hibiscus are long cultivated in the gardens and green-houses as the decorative plants, creating the beautiful hedges, and for the elegance of their flowers. Hibiscus is a beautiful house plant. It requires heat, much light and space. Provided that you cut and water it properly, this species can flower all the year round.

hibiscus leaves
hibiscus leaves

The most common species among the indoor and hothouse flowers is so-called China rose (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis). It’s a bush with the large double red flowers, whose homeland is considered Malay Archipelago. It is mostly cultivated in the gardens of tropics.

Having appeared in Asia and on the Pacific Islands, hibiscus represents the national flower of Malaysia. The interest in the hibiscus has appeared in the beginning of the 20th century on Hawaii. The American society of hibiscus lovers was founded in 1950.
Provide hibiscus with the necessary care, and will delight your eyes with its flowering all the year round!