artificial plants

Exotic plants in your house!

How often sometimes we want to be in dense thickets of tropical jungle and experience the beauty of wildlife. In this way, the perfect solution will be to plant exotic plants at home, which will delight you with its unusual appearance and excite dreams of distant lands and shores in

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orchid flower care

The necessary conditions for orchid care

It is difficult to imagine that such a capricious flower as orchid can feel great and blossom in the apartment. However, the indoor orchid care will seem much more comfortable, if you get to know its peculiarities beforehand. The orchid propagation requires the strict observance of basic terms of agricultural

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Garcinia cambogia for weight loss side effects

Garcinia cambogia – is a plant that contains a lot of vitamin C, and moreover, it is the plant that has the most productive content of HCA (Hydroxycitric acid) derivative product of citric acid. This component – which makes Garcinia Cambogia particularly valuable. Hydroxycitric acid – is a substance which

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best indoor plants

The benefits of indoor plants.

Decorating your interior with plants, you will not only add a bit of greenery but also bring into your home the living organism, which will influence your own, will affect the course of your thoughts, your house and improve the quality of life. First, you will breathe easier. During photosynthesis,

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