How to choose flowers for the garden

If you want to have garden, what will always please you with beautiful flowers, you need to correctly pick flowers with different flowering periods.

Garden flowers are indispensable attribute of every garden or suburban area, the owners of which are not indifferent to the beauty and want to create their own piece of paradise with pleasing multicolored flowers. In this earthly paradise you can find a place for the “queen of flowers” – gorgeous rose, and simple, but very sincere daisies, cornflowers and bluebells. Making flowering garden in accordance with your taste and your imagination is very exciting activity, what will deliver you a true emotional pleasure, peace and repose of the joy from communicating with nature.

Each individual flower is certainly beautiful and wonderful. But ornamental floriculture involves the cultivation of flower groups in various combinations on one given spot. In such way properly organized flower plants will make the greatest show of their decoration. But not every flower you can use for creation of floral arrangements. It is due to that fact that different plants require different growth conditions. Also to combine colors you need according to certain rules.

For flower beds were bred flowers by selectional method specifically for cultural decoration. This sort of flowers is “aristocrat” of the flower world. Originally they are usually from the southern latitudes. As befits the aristocrats, they possess effective and spectacular appearance, as well as capricious and demanding to growth conditions. They need fertile soil, attentive care, good lighting, adequate irrigation and other needs.

When you are planning your landscape area, you can create certain lighting conditions and soil composition on every spot, so you can provide favorable conditions for the cultivation of all groups of garden flowering plants.