How to maintain petunias

Petunia does not tolerate prolonged drought. If its leaves are sagging, and the flowers look like wet rags, you should urgently water the plant. How often should petunias be watered? If you do not water it in time, the beauty of the flower will not recover. The leaves become yellow, and the buds fall. Due to the lack of moisture, petunia’s immunity will be at risk. It is “sick,” and it’s not a fact that it will recover after an illness. In the summer months, petunia is watered in the morning and evening, i.e., twice a day. If it is not possible to follow wave petunia care instructions, a hydrogel is added to the soil, or ceramic cones-funnels are used. Watering is not carried out until the sun is high above the horizon line. In winter, they water it once a day and only on the condition that the top layer of the soil is dried out well.

How much to water petunias?

Petunia leaves often turn yellow. New growers often face this problem. What to do? This problem does not occur out of the blue. Yellow leaves on the flower are a sign of moisture overabundance in the soil, as the roots rot. Having noticed problems with leaves, examine petunia. The plant has an inelastic stem. If you do not take urgent measures, it will die. Excess water in the soil causes fungal diseases. If the leaves are yellowed due to an overabundance of water, remove them, and cut sections are treated with fungicides. After removing all the affected parts do not water the petunia for several days. Topsoil should dry out completely. To contribute to the rapid drying of the wet soil, loosen it.

Petunia water requirements

Petunia is a plant that does not like waterlogging. If the gardener doubts that the ground is dry, it is better not to water it. But at the same time, periods of drought should not be extended. How often to water petunias in hanging baskets? If you do not water it in time, it will weaken, its immunity will decrease, and it will become a desirable prey for pests that will come from nowhere. In other words, watering should be moderate and regular!