Flowers, which like shade

What flowers to plant in a shadow? Our gardens gradually expand and more and more shady and semi-shady places appears in them. In a word, you should use shade in the benefit. Especially as in the summer we spend in a shadow much time, hiding from the hot sun in a lacy shadow of trees or a deaf shadow of the house. The rest corner located in a shadow has to be pleasing to the eye.

Of course, the majority of beautiful perennials flowers likes to grow on the sun, but also among them there are a lot of flowers, which prefer not the sun, but a shadow or a penumbra. The flowers growing in a shadow are capable to decorate a shady corner, to make it unique and original. Let them not always blossom beautifully, but they have leaves of very effective shapes and big sizes.

Astilboides tabularis is a flower, which grow in the shadow with huge leaves. It is exclusively ornamental plant with whisks of white and cream flowers will always please eye.