Ukrainian ostrich egg art Pysanka “Everything Blooms”

Pysanka on an African ostrich egg for sale. Height – 16 cm. Hand-painted with beeswax. The ornament is created using acid etching. Aniline dyes. Covered with varnish. Sold with a transparent plastic stand.
Pysanka is made using ancient technologies and tools preserved by the Ukrainian people. Modern, high-quality dyes and materials are also used. Pysanka is not only a souvenir for decorating your home interior but also a fantastic gift. The drawing on the Easter egg has a sacred and symbolic meaning. Therefore, Easter egg art painting is given as a magical charm to preserve and strengthen friendship, love, positive relationships in social life, and business.
This easter egg art features a floral ornament that symbolizes the awakening and flowering of nature. This is a wish for strength, health, and prosperity in personal life, creativity, and business.
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