Why do we need ground cover plants in the garden?

Ground cover plants, spreading their roots widely, cover vast areas of soil. Garden ground cover plants are practical, they provide physical barrier to the growth of weeds, soil erosion and drying of the ground. Additional plus of groundcover plants in terms of garden design is their highest decoration.

Among garden ground cover plants you can find different types of plants: dwarf shrubs, lianas, ornamental grasses, bulbs and garden perennials.

So how to use flowering ground cover plants in garden design?
– For covering the “difficult” areas (wet or dry shade place, ugly wasteland, wetlands and similar areas) .
– For planting – between larger plants or shrubs to create natural vegetation or color background.
– In the gardens “without problems” they are used as one of the main plants.
– In natural gardens, what simulate forest line (geraniums, the-forget-me-not flower).
– On the open arid spaces (sedum).
– On the boggy spaces and along water sides (lizihitum, Astilbe).

And one more advice: place ground cover plants of one species in numerous picturesque groups. Combine groups of different ground cover plants for making the contrast of shapes and colors of leaves, plant height and color of flowers. But placing groups, don’t forget that each of them will soon increase significantly in width, plants from different groups will connect with each other, covering the territory and creating flower carpet.