Tips for succulent care

Original, unpretending, and sometimes even healing, succulent plants fit perfectly for the room conditions. It’s worth mentioning that this group of flowers includes the specimen of various plant families, which provides ample opportunities for the phytodesign of the interior. All species of succulents are different in appearance, but similar in maintenance conditions, as they have one common feature: the way of adaptation to the drought conditions. After understanding the natural features of this plant group, even the inexperienced beginner will be able to provide the home species of succulent with proper care.

succulent fertilizer
succulent fertilizer

The kinds of succulents

The succulent plant numbers about 70 sorts and 800 kinds. The leading plant families, among which you can find the succulents, are cactus, asphodel, agave, milkweed family, houseleek family, spurge family, pepper family and thistle family. The most famous and widespread succulent is cactus. The indoor succulent plants are also trendy in folk medicine (for example, aloe, agave, spurge, kalanchoe, and stonecrop, bowstring hemp).

Depending on the mechanism of fluid accumulation, the succulents are divided into 2 groups:
1. Leaf succulents. They have thickened leaves, where they store fluid. For the maintenance of moisture, they are covered with wax membrane and have fewer air pores.

2. Stem succulents. They store the liquid in the stem. Their leaves can be reduced to the prickles. The root system allows accumulating water from the groundwater and surface. The stems can be ribbed, to prevent the fracturing at the excess moisture.

succulent plants for sale
succulent plants for sale

Succulents care

The succulent plants require proper but straightforward care. All the succulents have the following common maintenance conditions:
1. Good light.
2. Moderate watering. In the warm season- once a week, in winter- 3-4 times a week.
3. The wintering temperature- 13-15С.
4. Proper drainage.
5. The soil with moderate humidity level. It’s worth mentioning that the ready mixtures for succulents often contain peat, which doesn’t suit these plants. It’s advisable to use the combinations of sandstone grit, leaf and turf soil. The flowering succulents’ care must match the species of plant. The breach of maintenance requirements can result in not flowering plants.