The perennial flower garden

Arranging the flower garden, creating the certain landscape and choosing the flowers, every gardener dreams to admire their beauty as long as possible. To realize this wish, it is better to use perennial flowers, blossoming the whole summer. As any other plant species, the perennial flowers are divided into different sorts according to the shape of leaves, height, care conditions, and other factors.

In this article we’ll get to know the perennial flowers, blossoming the whole summer. We’ll pay special attention to the unpretending and stunted sorts, which are considered the most suitable for creation of long-blooming flower-bed.

fairy garden plants live
fairy garden plants live

The unpretending perennials, blossoming the whole summer
This group of perennials includes the species of plants, which are easy to care and blossom the whole summer:

  • Rudbeckia;
  • Milfoil (it’s the most unpretending and floriferous plant);
  • Sea pink (it is represented in different colorings and belongs to the stunted sorts);
  • Paniculate gypsophila (it belongs to the stunted sorts);
  • English roses.

The stunted sorts of perennials, blossoming the whole summer
This group includes the plants whose height doesn’t exceed 70 cm:

    • Mountain cornflower (it is the flower of bright blue coloring);
  • Wood sage;
  • Sea pink;
  • Large-flowered flax (the flower of different shades red, perfect for the creation of border compositions);
  • Soft cuff;
  • Cinquefoil (the flower of pink coloring);
  • Calendula (bright orange flower. This flower also provides a natural pest control);
  • Maiden pink (the flowers of white and red color. The disadvantage- you’ll have to remove the dried heads regularly).

You can also use the following perennials for the creation of flowering compositions:

Hybrid helenium (this flower is noticeable for its bright coloring);
Lavender (the flower also provides a natural pest control both indoors and outdoors).

If you know, which perennials flower the whole summer, you can create the most original flower garden of continuous flowering. But you should stick to the following rules:
1. Don’t plant the flowers with different growing and care conditions together.
2. When planting, divide the bushes into the large parts, consisting of 5-6 buds;
3. After planting, don’t change the location of flowers. You can transplant them only next year.
4. Don’t plant the perennials by one, or in small groups.
5. Plant them so that they are visible from different directions.
6. To make your garden well-groomed and to avoid the sprawl of flowers all over the plot, make the clear borders between the flower-beds (for example, with the stones or fencing).