The necessary conditions for orchid care

It is difficult to imagine that such a capricious flower as orchid can feel great and blossom in the apartment. However, the indoor orchid care will seem much more comfortable, if you get to know its peculiarities beforehand.

The orchid propagation requires the strict observance of basic terms of agricultural engineering. The proper orchid care indoors includes its providing suitable soil, location and lighting, temperature conditions, watering, air humidity, transplantation, and the right nutrition.

The beginners should choose the plants, easy for growing and care, such as the modern hybrids: phalaenopsis, dendrobium and some others. There are also species intended for the air-conditioned apartments (Dendrobium), temperate climate (Lelia) and warm conditions (Phalaenopsis, Vanda).

indoor orchid care
indoor orchid care

However, you should remember that each group consists of many orchid species, so the final choice must be made taking into account all the recommendations for the maintenance of this or that species. The species orchids are usually cheaper than the hybrid ones. But the hybrid orchids are less sensitive to the environmental changes, easier to care and propagate. Besides, they flower more often and willingly.

The increase of humidity and spraying

The orchid requires high air humidity and regular watering.
There are many ways of increasing humidity- from the regularly dumped gravel in the tray to the installation of glass or plastic partition near the window, not to mention the home greenhouse or florarium. In any case, it is useful to put the open containers with water next to the orchids. You must also use individual air humidifiers and spray the flowers every day.

miltonia orchid
miltonia orchid

Nevertheless, the specialists claim that spraying has both advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantages include the short duration of effect and the creation of favorable conditions for the development and spreading of infections. The water must not get to the flowers at the time of spraying. It is advisable to spray the orchids in the first half of the day so that they dry entirely till the evening.

The optimal air humidity at the time of care is 60-70 %. To hold humidity at a constant level, you can use household air humidifier or keep the flower in a special greenhouse. The air must be fresh and not stagnant. The orchids require constant care and protection from the overheating.