plants and flowers for kids

The perennial flower garden

Arranging the flower garden, creating the certain landscape and choosing the flowers, every gardener dreams to admire their beauty as long as possible. To realize this wish, it is better to use perennial flowers, blossoming the whole summer. As any other plant species, the perennial flowers are divided into different

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flowering plants for shade

The mix borders: the pomp or elegancy?

The borders from the different types of flowering and ornamental deciduous perennial plants are the most attractive part of the garden. With right selection of plants their changing colors and shapes will decorate the area from early spring to late autumn. Not surprisingly, that mix borders are trying to find

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How to create the beautiful garden?

Many owners of plots begin to think what they will grow in the garden only after construction of houses and household buildings. And if they do not use the services of landscape companies, sooner or later they will come to breeding or garden center with the firm intention to purchase

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best ground cover

Why do we need ground cover plants in the garden?

Ground cover plants, spreading their roots widely, cover vast areas of soil. Garden ground cover plants are practical, they provide physical barrier to the growth of weeds, soil erosion and drying of the ground. Additional plus of groundcover plants in terms of garden design is their highest decoration. Among garden

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box hedge

How to make hedges in your yard

The idea to plant the hedge or border sooner or later comes to the mind of almost every gardener. Hedges came to us from Europe. They appeared in the West in the Middle Ages. At that times hedge plants adorned only the magnificent gardens of the aristocracy, but soon they

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butterfly plants and flowers

Light garden with undemanding plants.

“Light Garden” was originally conceived so as not to create unnecessary trouble to care for, do not require high maintenance costs. Such practical garden saves time, money and labor of gardener. In practical, easy for care garden grow local or well-adapted to the area plants and flowers are unpretentious. Unpretentiousness

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tall flowering plants

How to choose flowers for the garden

If you want to have garden, what will always please you with beautiful flowers, you need to correctly pick flowers with different flowering periods. Garden flowers are indispensable attribute of every garden or suburban area, the owners of which are not indifferent to the beauty and want to create their

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