How to choose plants for the garden.

planting a garden box

When you choose plants for the garden, you have to consider: Climatic conditions in which your garden spot is located; Soil composition; Soil acidity. Usually, in the reference guide, the description of crop plants indicates specific conditions that favor its growth. Significant effect on plant growth and development has a type of climate. So first

How to care about succulent plants at home

best potting soil for succulents

Succulents are plants, which are growing in the bright sun in areas with lack of water because they can store it in their succulent leaves or stems. The secret of successful cultivation of these plants is simple: enough sunlight and limited irrigation. Succulents are very fond of bright light, and they are unable to develop

The benefits of indoor plants.

best indoor plants

Decorating your interior with plants, you will not only add a bit of greenery but also bring into your home the living organism, which will influence your own, will affect the course of your thoughts, your house and improve the quality of life. First, you will breathe easier. During photosynthesis, plants absorb carbon dioxide and

How to maintain petunias

Petunia does not tolerate prolonged drought. If its leaves are sagging, and the flowers look like wet rags, you should urgently water the plant. How often should petunias be watered? If you do not water it in time, the beauty of the flower will not recover. The leaves become yellow, and the buds fall. Due