How to create the beautiful garden?

Many owners of plots begin to think what they will grow in the garden only after construction of houses and household buildings. And if they do not use the services of landscape companies, sooner or later they will come to breeding or garden center with the firm intention to purchase the plant. And they want to buy not some random flowers, but trees and shrubs, which are usually planted on the site in the first place.

The choice of those or other shrubs for green of the site depends of many circumstances. The essential role is played purpose of planting decorative it will be or utilitarian: fruit (berries) or protective. However, many plants can successfully perform several functions simultaneously.

The use of various shrubs helps to create beautiful gardens in different ways. They can be placed separately and in compact groups – for example, with trimmed lawns as background, near the entrance to the house, on the curves of the track or their intersections with the aim of “fixing” of the corners. At observance of the basic rules of planting and composition of plants such compositions are usually able to create even novice gardeners. Planted along the fence, extended groups of different kinds and formed in several tiers, they will brighten its monotony. Common option is planting of shrubs in the hedges.
The size of plants, crown shape, type branching, color and texture of the leaves or needles, the nature of flowering also have great importance. All these qualities should be considered, especially in those cases where the plot is not just planted with greenery, but when also created stylistically mature garden.

To correctly select plants, it is necessary to have at least some idea of their resistance to different climatic and environmental factors such as low negative temperatures or water logging of soil. If it is possible, you should find out the origin of planting material. Plants, which come to us from the south, were grown in the conditions of shorter daylight hours, and that’s why to the seedlings from countries with warm and mild climate should be treated with caution.
Heat-loving shrubs can relatively well migrate to mild winter, but in case of severe frosts and unstable winters with frequent thaws they often strongly freeze slightly, refuse to bloom, and can die.

Flowering garden.

Originality and romance in every garden will bring flowers, of course. But what flowers will grow in the gardens – the owner solves. You can implement a great number of ideas and options. The main thing is to adhere to certain rules when creating flower beds. First of all, the plants that you are going to place in the same group of flower arrangements, must be approximately the same need of light, moisture, and also the growth rate and the duration of the vegetation period. All it is necessary in order flowers feel comfortable: they had enough light, moisture and space for growth.

Another thing, which is probably known by everyone: tall plants are placed in the background, and the low ones before them. The “right” flower garden must have three numbers (not less). For example, the first level – ground cover plants, then the level of a little higher plants and after it must be tall forms.

To create continuously blooming garden you will need to choose the right plants, flowering occurs each other. For example, crocuses, Muscari, daffodils, tulips, peonies, roses, daisies, Phlox, gladiolus, gargini, chrysanthemums. Other variants are possible also, including the use of annual plants.

Color solution of the garden flowers can be made in the same colors: white, pink, blue… In this case plants are selected already in color. Imagine the clouds of terry daffodils, what smoothly come into fine plantings of white tulips. Elegant white peonies bring their fragrant on the whole garden, they attract the eye and fascinate. White roses: hybrid tea, floribunda, climbing is luxury tale, which will not leave anyone indifferent. Gazebo, what is entwined with white clematis, attracts and gives unforgettable moments romantic memories or invites to new date. And the sea of white Phlox? As it is beautiful! Wind driven waves of white wings that spread exquisite aroma… To create such floral kingdom is possible in almost any color.

Having defined skills of landscape design, you can create your own unique blossoming garden. Beginning from the classics of the genre or using very unconventional methods, for example, real bed, what is decorated with flowers. All is in your hands, and within the flight of your fantasy.