How to choose plants for the garden.

When you choose plants for the garden, you have to consider:

  • Climatic conditions in which your garden spot is located;
  • Soil composition;
  • Soil acidity.

Usually, in the reference guide, the description of crop plants indicates specific conditions that favor its growth.
Significant effect on plant growth and development has a type of climate. So first you need to know whether the environment of the homeland of plants is the same as the type of climate of your garden.

We can characterize the climate by the average summer and winter temperatures, and the level of precipitation. Therefore, when you are choosing plants, you need to specify at what temperature and humidity it can grow and develop.

If your plot is located in the area, that is conducive to the growth of plants, what you liked, you can consider the use of this plant in the planting a garden. If not – you have to abandon the landing these plants or artificially create the necessary conditions.

Ornamental plants for the garden create extra oomph due to their simple beauty. They do not have catchy colors, but they will attract you with its decorative leaves during the whole year.