How to care about succulent plants at home

Succulents are plants, which are growing in the bright sun in areas with lack of water because they can store it in their succulent leaves or stems.

The secret of successful cultivation of these plants is simple: enough sunlight and limited irrigation. Succulents are very fond of bright light, and they are unable to develop normally without it. You need to know, that the main enemy of succulents at your home is dampness and darkness. Cacti and other succulents can’t exist on windows in shadow or away from windows and the sun.

Most often succulents die when they are put in the cactus land, or if they are abundantly watered, they also can’t live without bright sun and hate being on the cold window and get regular water at the winter time. In the nature, succulents are adapted to consistent moisture deficiency thanking its accumulation in own leaves or stems. They can save this water very well for surviving during the drought without problems. So it will be a mistake to think that to maintain the juiciness of these plants you need to water them frequently and abundantly, this is not true.

In the summer they have been watered when topsoil in the pot becomes dry, and it depends on the location, temperature, composition, and mass of the soil so that it can occur even day after day. Winter maintenance of succulents in a city apartment is the real storage, which is intended for keeping the plant in the same state to the spring. It will be necessary to create such conditions when the plants not try to grow and not lose its decoration in adverse conditions.

This is possible because without water these plants will stop and wait for it to appear again. Succulents don’t worry about the temperature variations in the range, which is much broader than it is allowed for premises, both in smaller and in the bigger side. The only thing you need to know is that the majority of home species cannot withstand even the slightest frost.