Garden design secrets: how to choose the right garden flowers.

Floral decorations of the garden are finishing touch to the landscape design. Well-сhosen garden plants will make your flower beds bloom almost the whole year.

You can place a flower bed everywhere in your garden or home. And after defining the place, you must choose its form: whether it is a usual bed, alpine garden, carpet pathway or conservatory – each of these compositions has its garden plants.
In the alpine garden and alpine slides usually are used specific and best perennials, coniferous shrubs, dwarf trees, moss, and bulbs plants.

For carpet pathways and live curbs, you can grow homogeneous plants, what are covering the ground as thick carpet.
For flower beds are suitable for almost all flowers. But don’t expect to plant plants, what will bloom whole year, on small flowerbeds, for lack of space it will be challenging. So, in the tiny territory, it is better to plant the plants, which are blooming at the one time. For flower beds also will be suitable and seasonal annuals, but in this case every change of the season you will have trouble with planting new plants.

If you allow the size of the plot, the plants have to be selected in such a way, that the flowers would be blooming for several months. Also, you can achieve the effect when the flowers will bloom one after another and will give a new look for the flower garden each season.
You need to know that flower beds are created with several classical canons. The main rule in this case – choose flowers to current place! In such way you’ll know exactly – you need to buy seeds of sun-loving perennials for a brightly lit area or fern for shady beds.