magnolia shrub

The propagation of magnolia

Magnolia represents the decorative tree or large bush with evergreen or deciduous, plain or smooth-edged leaves; they have bisexual large flowers of white, pink, purple, sometimes yellowish coloring with pleasant aroma. The fruit of magnolia is a cone-shaped follicle. The […]

plants and flowers for kids

The perennial flower garden

Arranging the flower garden, creating the certain landscape and choosing the flowers, every gardener dreams to admire their beauty as long as possible. To realize this wish, it is better to use perennial flowers, blossoming the whole summer. As any […]

flowering plants for shade

The mix borders: the pomp or elegancy?

The borders from the different types of flowering and ornamental deciduous perennial plants are the most attractive part of the garden. With right selection of plants their changing colors and shapes will decorate the area from early spring to late […]